Instagram influencers: who are they and what do they do

Instagram is the king of social networks, with an estimated influx of 200 million users per month, the popularity of this application reached unimagined levels. The main reason why this app managed to grow so much is that it is a very intuitive and visual platform, and as human beings we are programmed to retain more information if we visualize or experience it in some more striking way instead of just reading it as in other apps such as Reddit or even Twitter.

The reach of Instagram and other platforms in general, is one of the main incentives for businesses to use social networks. Instagram has become the main channel of exposure for the so-called influencers of social networks, for whom generating many likes on Instagram became their fundamental objective.

What is an influencer?

An Instagram influencer or really any social network, is nothing more than an audiovisual content creator who manages to create a large audience that he can influence (hence the name of Influencer).

Based on the size of your audience, different prices are set for influencer posts. These are categorized as follows:

·        Mega-Influencers:

As you can guess, these are impressive with the most followers on Instagram. We are talking about accounts with over 1 million followers. If you guys want to get followers then come to us and we will give you Real Instagram Followers UK which is very cheap.

In general, these types of influencers are celebrities in their own right, that is, singers, actors, models, athletes, etc. people who have achieved fame before reaching social networks, world-wide known people who by reaching platforms like Instagram and sharing part of “their world” manage to attract the attention of millions of people, which presents a great opportunity to established and successful brands.

In general, only large brands contact this type of influencers since they are the ones who can pay for this type of advertising. Due to the great reach that they have in the networks, Mega influencers can charge millionaire sums for a publication, it is not strange that well-known brands pay up to 1 million dollars for a post from a mega influencer.

·        Macro-influencers

These types of influencers have a large audience, not as large as a Mega influencer, but they usually have 100,000 to 1 million real followers.

One of the characteristics of this type of influencers is that they are ordinary people who have achieved fame on social networks since they have conquered a segment or niche of the market with specific content, so they create a closer bond with their followers.

Brands love working with these types of creators basically because of the relationship they have with their followers and because of the specificity of their audience, in addition to the fact that the price of their services is not compared to that of a Mega influencer.

In the end, what each brand wants is to expand its market, it wants to reach more people who establish a relationship with its product, so it is more productive to invest in collaboration with a macro influencer who dominates a segment or niche than to invest with a mega influencer. Which can reach more people in theory but in a more general way?

·        Micro-influencers

A micro influencer is considered a content creator who has a number of followers on Instagram that ranges from 40,000 to 100,000. There is a greater number of micro influencers on the networks, since not all of them manage to have millions of followers, but this type of influencer is really valuable in the business since, because there are many, they are very effective to attack the market from various angles, imposing trends or vitalizing content related to our brand or product.

Some brands in fact prefer to work with this type of influencers since the price of their publications is not that high and by working with several at the same time they can have a great impact on the market.

·        Nano-influencers

This category can be considered the newest in the world of influencers, and the main feature is the modest number of followers they have, reaching numbers as low as 1000 followers on Instagram, but do not underestimate this category of influencers because they are really effective. For brands that offer very specific products or services, or brands that want to reach very specialized niches or even brands that choose to work with many of them to reduce expenses.

The prices of the publications in this segment can be very cheap and in many cases they can even advertise to brands just for receiving a sample of their product.

Of course! Of course, you will not achieve a fortune unless you become a macro or mega influencer, however achieving influencer status and achieving, not only maintaining it but continuing to generate quality content that allows you to continue growing can be very profitable. But be careful, it is not an easy job; you must be able to generate material that allows you to build a niche in the market or stand out within a sector in order to see the economic benefits.

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As the quality of your content increases, it will be easier to get followers on Instagram and strengthen the relationship you have with them, making your influencer account more effective when making a purchase decision. This will open many doors for you with brands and businesses that see in your account a channel to expand the reach of their products.

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