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We are humans, the statue of our wants and desires. We buy thousands of things in our life time. But do we leave them after buying or do we protect them? 

We protect them. We protect our house buy locking it every time when we go out and clean it daily to keep its glitter alive. Similarly, we wash our clothes daily or regularly to protect them from dirt. In the same way, we buy gadgets and laptops. How do we protect them? 

We protect them by downloading antivirus software or program. 

Do you know anything about antivirus software? 

If yes, then it’s great because you could protect your gadgets in this way but if you don’t know then read below! 

What is antivirus software? 

In the world of computers, there are digital robbers who rob and steal your personal information in the form of malicious virus that attack the computer. Like camera system and police which protect the society from robbers, antivirus system or antivirus software is the compilation of such codes and programming which can eradicate these robbers from the gadgets by pinpointing them and then scan them to make the computer virus-free. 

How does antivirus software clean the computer? 

Everything cannot be executed so easily and fast. It takes time to give the best result. Same goes for antivirus software. These software brushes off viruses in five following steps:

  1. The software pinpoints the malware firstly 
  2. It creates schedule to scan the device 
  3. The device is scanned aa owe schedule
  4. The wiring codes are deleted, ans
  5. The device is then informed about protection. 

What are the types of antivirus software? 

There are basically three types of antivirus software. 

  1. Malware signature antivirus software: This software detects fingerprints of malware and deletes their codes to make the computer free of them. 
  2. System monitoring antivirus: This software monitors computer systems to protect them. They send signals if a person visits unprotected site to make you aware of virus 
  3. Machine learning antivirus: Machine learning antivirus bind the viruses in barriers by using algorithm and machine language to change the code of them to protect the gadget. 

So these are the antivirus scanner which you need to use to get antivirus protection to make your gadgets always safer to use and keep with you. These viruses are very dangerous, they use your information to get money or earn money. So play safe 

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