Different types of computer viruses

Nobody would enjoy being unwell. When somebody suffers from cold, may not be able to work 100%. It also varies on computers. Your computers don’t work well if they get a virus from somewhere. Computer virus affects similar to the flu virus, but the computer doesn’t cough or sneeze. One more thing, the computer virus has names and can be recognized by computer performance. You may diagnose these viruses by their symptoms, and symptoms are:

  • Slow down the computer performance.
  • Blue screen error on the computer screen on ongoing crashes.
  • Missing files
  • Low storage messages.
  • Weird behaviors of the computer.
  • Browsers pop-up issues
  • Unrecognized programs
  • Disability of antivirus
  • Increasing network activity

When you get sick or unwell you have to go to the doctor for treatment, similarly, when the computer gets sick you need to take it to a computer’s doctor called software specialist. They use top antivirus for protection of computers. This software prevents viruses from entering the computer and helps in saving your personal data or important files.

There are different types of viruses that attack your computer.

Internal virus:

This virus develops in your computer’s Ram; they intervene in your PC operations. This virus is extremely clever; they can attach themselves with anti-virus and create problems for anti-virus. It is hard to identify them even with anti-virus.

Multipartite virus:

This is a very desperate virus; it affects your whole computer. It spreads by the drive to drive because of taking unauthorized actions performed by you.

Direct action:

This type of virus damage particular files on the computer. It mostly affects executable files; it creates duplicate files on the computer. That is why this virus can be detected and removes easily.

Hijack browser:

It is very easy to detect this virus. It affects your web browser and makes its efficiency very low. This virus also directs you with other malicious sites.

Overwrite virus:

This virus overwrites your computer files and affects the whole folder and programs. This virus can be removed easily.

Scripting virus:

This is a very clever virus, it can be found in images, ads, links, site code, videos, etc. this virus infect when you visit any malicious website of file.

Web virus:

This virus travels through malicious websites to the computer.

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