Disadvantages of using free antivirus software

Nobody can deny the advantages of antivirus; because it keeps your computer safe from many threats such as Trojans, spyware, malware, phishing, or other viruses. When you go for antivirus you will figure out there are very few options of antivirus in the market. Many people prefer downloading antivirus from the internet, where they get free options for installing antivirus.

These antiviruses don’t work properly and you have to face many problems. Remember one thing your computer is an important part of yours because there are many personal and official data on the computer, you have to look after it.

There are some serious issues of installing free antivirus on the computer.

Lack of complete security:

Free antivirus isn’t the best choice ever; they just provide basic level protection of your computer. If you want complete and strong protection, you need to buy advanced antivirus. It will 100% secure your computer from spyware, Trojans, or malware. When you go to a shop, you can find the best antivirus for Mac in the market.

On the other hand, free antivirus just scans typical and limited types of threats; this would inconvenient situation for you. Your computer will be slow down after some time.

Update issues:

Many companies offer free antivirus programs online. After some time this antivirus needed to be upgraded, but then they ask you to pay for this antivirus. Although this is a minor issue it creates a hassle for you.

One more thing you need to clear, make sure that they are not offering a free trial period because it will expire after a particular time.

Annoying ads:

This is an extremely serious issue that people have to face. When you place free antivirus on the computer, there are many annoying ads attach to this software because these companies still need to make money. While using the computer you get tired to get rid of these ads.

The inefficiency of customer support:

Another disadvantage of using free antivirus is, there is always a lack of customer support. We need to think as to why a company would offer free antivirus software packages on the internet? There would be lacking something in it and the inefficiency of customer support is one of them.

Low scanning performance:

This is the biggest lacking free antivirus software. Free antivirus doesn’t work properly and scans just particular types of threats and files. But paid antivirus doest miss any virus on the computer. 

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