Importance of antivirus software

The virus is a kind of program or malicious code that can spread from computer to computer or through the internet. It has the potential to do serious damages to your computer. Many viruses can affect your computer, laptop, or even mobile phones. Computer viruses are more harmful than the flu virus. When it affects your computer, you have to face some damages. To overcome this issue you have to install virus software that protects your computer from viruses. There are some serious damages, which you may face after affecting the virus to the computer.

  • One of the major effects that viruses do in computers is, slow down the computer. The computer doesn’t work properly; ultimately you have to install windows again.
  • Viruses prevent your computer from boot up.
  • It also damages the part of the computer without your knowledge.
  • Some viruses have the potential to steal your data.
  • They can also send unauthorized messages to other people.

How viruses produced?

Viruses are made by some expert programmers to damage other’s computers, stealing cash or personal information. They can also ruin your security system, and spread from computer to computer, USB, or through the internet.

There are many reasons for developing viruses, some programmers want to achieve big things, or some just use to get approach to personal data, like ATM, or password. You have heard about hackers that hack somebody’s site or social media accounts. For that purpose, they use viruses and other tools.

Types of viruses:

Like other viruses, there are also many types of computer viruses.

  • Direct action virus: this virus doesn’t hide or install itself on the computer. It has to attach with a particular file, it helps to hide some files.
  • Boot sector virus: this is a very harmful virus that affects your computer instantly and slows down the computer.

Why an antivirus is important:

Antivirus is one of the most important things that can protect you from viruses. If you have a computer, laptop, or mobile phone, antivirus plays an essential role to protect these things. It is security gateways that prevent unwanted or malicious codes to enter in the computer. This is an extremely wonderful tool for businesses because several computers in the office have personal and client’s data in it.

Installing the best antivirus in computers is always a valuable investment.

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