Are you planning to upgrade from the existing web hosting plans for the best cloud companies in India?  And you currently running your website on the shared hosting. The next phase is to upgrade from the current web hosting plan in the cloud. cloud (Virtual Private Server) is another type of web hosting that comes to every user’s mind. As it incorporates pricing of shared hosting and resources of dedicated hosting. A cloud has developed into the most sought-after data hosting solution at the business place. Ideally, the cloud perfectly carries out the small business. However, If a user spends put more money to spare, dedicated server hosting would be the finest solution.

Before putting your interest in the cloud, there are different factors you must be aware of. This list helps to decide whether to go to the cloud or not. Here are some compelling factors that a user should know about cloud hosting.

How Cloud works: –

With cloud hosting, a user will get a virtual server that mirrors physical server resources. This is among the shared server that is offering cloud hosting to he several users. The catch with the cloud is the virtualization technology. Usually, the host’s server sets up a different layer that partitions the server into different virtual spaces. Allows each user to have their own isolated space. Thus, a user can seperately set up the operating system and their desired software.

Top Facts about cloud hosting: –

Budget-Friendly – In correlation to dedicated server hosting, the cloud VPS pice is way low in cost, making it more manageable than renting a dedicated server to you only. If your budget is tight then you can consider cloud hosting. The major upside is quite secure which offers service that is compared to its shared hosting alternatives. You have several packages to choose from cloud hosting. These include cloud SSD cloud 1,2,3, and 4, all the way to 8. Each package has its own set of specs. You will get a package for $9.21 or you can choose any other package depending upon your requirements.

Package prices are subject to numerous factors that include the following: –


Storage Space



Control Panel

With the wide range of different plans to choose from. Anyone comfortably agrees cloud hosting can be a great way to get the best bang for your finance.

Reliable Solution

Unlike shared hosting, the cloud is rarely exposed to other users’ problems. When you are using the cloud, it rarely exposes you to other users’ problems. When you are using the cloud, your website’s performance is offered stable and reliable. Usually, a host has few cloud servers on each node, preventing various instances. Imagine sharing a web server with a user who has an old website that is liable to suffer from the crash. The result is very underperforming of the website which you will not share if you are in a business.

Different Options for a Managed Plan – With shared hosting, you will have a  risk of a data breach always But with the cloud, you won’t find any issue. If you settle for managed clouds, you are fast to reach the support team in case of cyber attacks or cyber threats. Also, the support team will always be on the monitor for any kind of data security breaches that could threaten your ongoing systems, processes, or business operations. This can save the businesses from the different ranges of possible lawsuits from the clients or partners. 

Additionally, a cloud can host daily and it can update your server, hence protecting it from cyber attackers. Still, all the cloud plan offers backup plans. The advantage of this is to make sure that data is protected. And there is no breakdown.

Freedom of Resources

You will like cloud hosting because it gives you great root access to the operating system and the software that you are using. But with a shared server, you would have to work and use whatever software they host is offering. The host might state that using an alternative might point to security problems with the hosting provider.

Hence, if your organization is using specific software or software, a cloud can be adjusted the way you do your business operations.

Less Experience with the Downtime Compared to Dedicated Hosting, Not every hosting is perfect, the cloud might give problems but they can be solved easily. If the web host fails to its partition the webserver properly, it means some shared resources have been observed. Such loss may reduce the functionality. If your host is having more users on a specific server then it’s all about the capacity.

If you need total control of your ongoing resources, one thing is completely sure. It would be enlightened to go for the dedicated hosting. Instead, it is more on the high cost than the cloud, you will get all the resources to yourself with dedicated server hosting. All the same but the budget will be a bit limiting for the mid-range of businesses and startups. They will try to save as much financial expense as they can.

Configuration Is Complex but it is manageable

You are getting a cloud up but the running is more sophisticated than shared hosting and the VPS. Although it is very to configure than a dedicated server, sometimes it requires a higher level of expertise to manage the cloud than shared hosting. However, for a cloud user, this should not be an issue. The only challenge is configuration. If it’s not done correctly, there it impacts performance.

Enables Scalability

For small business website owners who have to reach the high of their cloud performance and still they have no extension needs, a shared host might complete the job. But, if you are with expansion plans, a cloud will be a smart and the best option. Why? As your business grows with more profitability, more web traffic will come to your way. A cloud allows you to escalate the capacity and they still have an optimal performing cloud. Besides, all a user can do is choose the next web hosting plan without losing its complete functionality.

Should You Move To A Cloud?

If you are running a small business on a very tight budget, shared hosting is way cheaper for you. Although more affordable than cloud hosting, shared hosting comes with disadvantages such it might show poor performance. If you need any reliable service, cloud hosting is the best smart move. It is low in cost than dedicated hosting and also we promise to show sustainable results for up and for your coming businesses.


Besides, with cloud hosting, the risk of a data breach or any other cyber attack is low. Also, a user will have greater root access over cloud resources, and the user can easily scale up whenever they need. Hopefully, the above factors can help you to decide if the cloud is the best web hosting solution for your requirements.

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