Types of alpha ssl certificates

ssl certificates protects your website’s transactions and interactions. Customers’ credit cards, passwords, and sensitive data are all protected in this way.SSL Certificates enable web servers, browsers, and apps to use the built-in SSL/TLS security features. It’s the industry standard for encrypting all browser-to-server interactions over https. Including credit card transactions, logins, web mail, and database-to-database connections. When you use alpha SSL Certificates, the yellow padlock appears, indicating that your website is safe.

What are the three different kinds of certificates?

Domain validated (DV), organisation validated (OV), and extended validation (EV) certificates are the three basic types of certificates (EV). To prevent users from seeing this warning, a valid authority must receive the certificate. Regardless of the form of validation, every certificate will give the same level of security.

What alpha SSL certificate is use?

Multi-Domain SSL certificates are also known as Unifie Communications Certificates (UCC). UCCs were create to protect Microsoft Exchange and Live Communications servers at first. These certificates may now be use by any website owner to secure numerous domain names with a single certificate.

Benefits  of alphassl :

Better security: Because they require the installation of an intermediary certificate, Alpha SSL certificates are chain root certificates, which means they provide more protection than single root certificates.

MULTIPLE SUBDOMAINS ARE PROTECTED:You can protect “https://www.yourdomain.com” and “https://yourdomain.com” with ordinary alphaSSL, but you can secure all of your sub-domains with our Wildcard SSL certificate.

MEETS THE RECOMMENDATIONS OF THE NIST:The National Institute of Standards and Technology recommends that 2048-bit keys be use in alpha SSL certificates.

FAST ISSUENSE: Alpha SSL uses a completely automated validation method to validate your domain name and provide your SSL certificate within 24 hours.

What is the difference between an alpha SSL certificate and a regular SSL certificate? SSL Certificates with 2048 Bit Security at a Low Cost  In less than 3 minutes, you can secure transactions, logins, and more. AlphaSSL uses a 2048-bit trustworthy root to provide 256-bit encryption (which is really strong!). AlphaSSL is transparently trust by every common browser and mobile device.

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