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Either it is a personal computer or it is a commercial system, the data in either of these systems are very important and dear to us. Either the data is in the shape of photos or videos or they are in the shape of files and programs like paid antivirus for Mac. And there are some hackers and viruses who and which hack into our systems and they can blackmail us. And even the cops cannot do much and if you report this to the cyber department, they are almost helpless and even if they help you, it will take a lot of time to recover your data.

That is why computer companies recommend that you use or purchase the best kind of antivirus software packages. The companies also give their own built-in firewalls and defenders but sometimes, these are not enough and you need the help of a third party and that third party is antivirus program. If you are still not moved by these threats then keep reading to know what will happen if you don’t use an antivirus program.

Ransom: like we mentioned earlier, hackers and viruses can hold your data and blackmail you. Giant companies, every now and then face these issues. Of course, they don’t shout out about this or else people will lose their trust. So, they do tackle it and the first thing they do is get the best antivirus program.

Lost of Data: what do you think happens when you don’t have the ransom money or whatever they asked for. They either release the data on the internet and the hackers don’t care how sensitive the data is, they just public it and we have seen many companies and people getting bashed for the data. Or sometimes, if the hackers have a heart, they just simply destroy the data and that is more painful and that data is not recoverable and results in lost of data.

Spying: you will be shocked to know that even a programmer genius like Mark Zuckerberg has his insecurities and, in a photo seen on the internet, he has put a masking tape on his web cam. Which means that even a coder like him, he knows that he is not safe then what threats are on your way, we leave this thinking to you.

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