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Futuristic, effervescent contemporary, multi-cultural which has been pushing all the limits is proudly known as Dubai. A wonderful city, which can be seen sprouting outward of the “sand banks” of the famous “Persian Gulf”.

A large number of tourists can be seen visiting one of the most adventurous places in Dubai. VIP desert safari Dubai is one of the thrilling places that most of the tourists opt for.  This is because several safaris have a number of activities with scrumptious food which is being loved by almost all tourists.

Along with these safaris, there is a large range of other eye-catching views which Dubai has been offering to its tourists. But food is the main thing that most of the people fall in love when they visit Dubai.

A number of tourists do search for top-quality restaurants which serve delicious Arabic and Spanish food. Even the welcome drink which is served by most of the restaurants is loved by almost all tourists. So, one should always visit these restaurants which have been serving amazing food every now and then.

A variety of eateries that one can opt for during their next trip to Dubai are as follow.

Al Fanar Restaurant

It is one of the best traditional “Emirati” restaurants that one should surely opt for when they visit Dubai. They do have a grand menu which consists of almost everything. The list includes Emirati rice, a number of meat feasts, different desserts and much more.

Al Marhabani Restaurant

A dish which includes rice and is filled with meat is known as Mandi which is a famous Yemeni dish. It is cooked nicely in an underground oven. This dish is surely served with rice and meat at Al Marhabani eatery. The dish is being served with scrumptious lamb drumstick which completely melts in one’s mouth. 

Al Ustad Mouth-Watering Kebab

It is one of the oldest local restaurants which is being visited by a variety of tourists. The food being served here is unique and delicious. This restaurant is Iranian and they are quite famous for their juicy mouth-watering kebabs huge variety.

It also offers yogurt kebabs and their demand is increasing because people have fallen in love with these succulent finger-licking kebabs.

These are one of the best restaurants which can make your visit to Dubai quite flavorsome and amazing. See here more restaurants which have been offering rich savory food.

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