How to plan a thrilling safari adventure

Dubai has a lot to offer and premium desert safari Dubai is one of the main attractions. You must have a slight idea about all the goodness that they offer so let’s jump directly into tips that would make your trip easier and fun. These tips will not only make enhance your experience, in fact these tips come from people who have experienced it themselves and the mistakes that they wish they wouldn’t have made. One thing that you need to keep in mind is that every tour operator will have the same schedule but they will greatly differ in the facilities and cruise drivers and all the other things that tag along. You should choose your trip operator carefully as it can make or break the trip.

Next thing is to be sure of time of trip. This matters a lot because this will help you making things finer. There are mostly two shifts that depart for desert safari in a day. First shift is the morning shift that mostly focuses on sunrise and thrilling activities. The second shift is evening shift that leaves at 4 and comes back at 10 pm revolving around the night time chill activities. As you must have guessed that desert safari would mean travelling and playing in a desert where sun shines bright in top of heads all day long. A pair of sunglasses, hat that shields you from sun rays shining on your face and sun lock cream should always be in your bag. If you wish picking a morning shift then avoid drinking loads of water – yes we know you’re travelling in a desert and should keep your body hydrated. Morning shifts would usually mean that dune bashing will be on top of the list. This activity is very bumpy and surely give your stomachs a good shake which won’t be very pretty when all the water comes spilling out.

Next tip is to keep your cash and credit card with you at all times. You may have paid your tour operator for every single thing but there will some things that you can buy apart from the usual package such as extra water bottles, snacks, comfort shops and even collecting souvenirs can cost you. Apart from that, one should always have some cash on them in case of emergencies.

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