What not to do in Dubai as a tourist

Like every country has some rules and regulations, in the same way, UAE also has a set of rules that one is bound to follow while being present in the premises of this country. Whether it is disrespecting the code of conduct or breaking any law of the country, the consequences of not following rules and not adhering to the cultural sensitivities can play an eminent role getting you in trouble. Therefore, it is necessary for the tourists to stick to the rules of this city as disrespecting them can cause a great deal to the visitors.

Indubitably, UAE offers multiple exciting and entertaining activities to its visitors including overnight desert camping dubai, cruise tour and other activities but at the same time, it expects tourists to respect the rules and laws of the country without making any objections and oppositions. However, some visitors tend to break the rules unintentionally because they have not enough information about the laws of the country. Therefore, to prevent people from committing severe mistakes while traveling to UAE, we have made a list of all the prohibited things that one should avoid doing in this place.

Avoid cross-dressing:

In this time and age of modernity, cross-dressing is an extremely liberating and empowering thing for the people. There are some chaps who enjoy dressing like a woman and also some women find dressing like men empowering. However, when you are in UAE you must focus on your dressing because dressing immodestly and boldly can cause a great trouble. Hence, it is significant for the tourist to dress according to the culture of this city.

Photographing others without consent:

You might not have a bad intention while capturing the photograph of another tourist or the local people. However, you must know the fact that strict action can be taken against you for not following the rules and guidelines of the city. Hence, it is important for the tourist to respect all the laws of the country.

Be aware of the opening and closing times:

There are strict rules regarding opening and closing times in UAE. However, to make your journey hassle-free and trouble-free it is essential for the tourist to follow the basic principles and laws of the city.

Avoid getting drunk in public:

Alcohol consumption is prohibited in almost all the Islamic countries and UAE is certainly one of them. Therefore, it is mandatory or visitors to stay organized and composed in public.

However, respecting the rules and laws of the country will allow you to enjoy your trip to the fullest and also prevent you from the hassle and trouble. To know more about Dubai tour and safari trip check this site out.

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